Authentic Italian

As many people that appreciate real Italian Food are asking us to delivered our products to their door, we decide to build a web site to offer to our products on line. Our new site: will offer our products at very competitive prices. Our goal is to make more present on market our products and informe customers about them Italian products. To be a real Italian product is not enough to have an Italian name. What make Italian products different from other country's product is that Italian products are based on long experience and skills of people all over Italy. In our site you will find also much more information, like how are developed our products, what ingredinets we are using, how to use our products, many recipes and most important WHO has develop our products. You can contact direclty with Adriano Mantova at

He's been raised with a little bottle of olive oil in his hand since he was a child. The family decided he was the "gifted one" to continue the tradition in olive oil tasting. Secrets and expertise were transferred to him from uncle Enzo, through more than 20 years of practise.

Today he is recognised as one of the top expert tasters of olive oil on Earth. He is the "nose" that tastes all the aromas at Compagnia Alimentare Italiana, from olive oils, Pasta sauce, to Pesto Sauces, to Balsamic vinegar.

Another detail that is important for you to know is: how clean is our plant, our working condition. Please check out our cerificate to be sure that you are buying a great value product, a nice design, and most important a safe one.




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