Olive Oil diet, and beauty

Since antiquity virgin olive oil has been considered a precious and irreplaceable gift of nature.
The Egyptians and Greeks attributed its origin to the invention of the gods. they took full advantage of its alimentary, curative, and cosmetic properties.

Virgin olive oil
Today modern science has recognized not only the extraordinary qualities of virgin olive oil, but also its properties as the best and most important fat in the dietetic field, in medicine as well in cosmetology. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used it pure or amalgamates with ground herbs as basic medication. Many formulas of ancient Rome, for health and beauty, were based on properties of virgin olive oil, the ideal cosmetic for the skin, balsam for hair, lenitive ointment, saver of health and youth.
Olive oil with its endless virtues was always precious beyond its purely nutritional values. The Egyptian papyrus of Ebers, a medical and scientific document, contains an anti-aging formula for the skin care of beautiful Egyptian women, composed of olive oil, in which milk, incense seeds, wax and cypress berries, all finely ground entered. The beauty treatment, using the above amalgamated ingredients, was to last at least six consecutive days. An effective result was assured. Massage with olive oil to relax the muscles of Greek athletes or, in Rome, after a session in the steam bath in order to recover vigor, were common. Thus, through the centuries the olive tree has kept an important role in the making of remedies in popular medicine, and in those commonly defined as "grandmother's remedies". These basic principles today rediscovered show that nature represents an inexhaustible source of healthy virtues.

What are the active components, contained in olive oil, and which shows themselves such precious allies in the care and beauty of your skin?
Squaplene, phytosterols and tocopherols, may seem incomprehensible. They are substances with emollient, protective, softening and restorative properties. Olive oil is an efficacy as a nutrient for oily skins as well, thanks to high degree of acidity. Modern cosmetology rediscovers today the high value of natural raw materials such as olive oil. Toilet soaps with the purest olive oil are particularly suited to delicate as well as to fragile to the fragile skin of children. Bath oils are more delicate than bubble bath; they cleanse in depth without drying the skin, and counteract dehydrating effects of hard water. After a shower they leave skin smooth and soft.

Diet and beauty
As doctors keep reminding us, the beauty of face, body, and hair is maintained time, other than by proper treatment, also, and first of all by a careful diet. Today we know that the cause of aging is to be attributed to free radicals which oxidize and damage the cells. These cells, if organism is kept in full efficiency, are in a position to contrast the damages caused by free radicals. They use antioxidant substances such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and bioflavonoid. It is therefore necessary to introduce regularly these natural substances in our diet if we want our body to combat aging. The Mediterranean diet is particularly adapted since it never lacks of fresh food, fruits and vegetables. Those of red and yellow colors are particularly rich in vitamin C. As a condiment, we should always prefer olive oil, richest in vitamin E and also, in addition, a valuable ally of our beauty and above all of our health.


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