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All fats are combinations of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It is fact that saturated fats have been discovered to produce beneficial effects. Highly saturated fats come from animal sources and include butter, milk fat, and the fat in meats; two vegetable oils, coconut and palm kernel oils, are also highly saturated.




Olive oil, which is 77 % monounsaturated fat, plays a beneficial role in a healthy diet. In fact today's leading experts in food, nutrition and public health from around the world recommend olive oil as the principal fat in the optimal diet. In fact olive oil does not raise low-density lipoproteins, "bad" cholesterol, as do butter and some types of margarine. Moreover, olive oil also contains substantial amounts of vitamin E, which apparently helps prevent bad cholesterol from forming deposits that block arteries. In addition to its health benefits, olive oil delivers the delicate flavor and aroma consumers demand.

This combination of taste and health attributes makes olive oil unbeatable among pourable oils and any other animal fats.







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