Private Label

PRIVATE LABEL SPECIALIST In today's market the Private label products are increasingly becoming the product of choice versus branded products. But still many companies are offering under their private label the cheapest quality available in order to be competitive on the global market. As expected this practice cannot last for long. These companies are struggling with their poor Private label product and the reason is very simple. Customers like to buy not expensive Private Label products, but in the same time they want high quality Private Label as well. This makes CAI one of the best companies in the world that produces high quality Private Label. CAI is committed to a Total Quality Policy, guided by its motto "Your success is also ours". CAI is not only offering quality but also offering best price in the market for their high quality product. CAI customer satisfaction is measure of the quality performance. 

Private Label has come a long way from its generic heritage. When it first appeared on the scene over a decade ago, Private Label was known for low price, low quality products available in only a few food commodity categories. Today, many consumers feel that in a growing number of categories Private Label quality is on par or even above that of nationally branded products - while still offering such quality at a "value" price. As Private Label continues to upgrade its quality consumers have responded favorably, opening the door for Private Label to expand into more and more categories.

We consider "Private Label" management a responsibility that transcends simple product supply, but alternatively demands an intense collaboration among the partners concerned and a continual, lasting service. Our instinctive tendency for "Private Labels" has progressively resulted in a co-managed production that represents an evolution in this sector. Courtesy of this innovative technique of co-operation, recently adopted in Italy, the client is not restricted to fixed production parameters but is essentially involved in the diverse production stages, in effect enabling him to follow and monitor his individual established quality level.

A sign of CAI commitment and success with the Private Label is their long experience, and the long lasting relationship with their customers. Our main products on private label are:

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